Books are very important. Books are so important that God himself wrote one. I love to read and am always trying carve out more time to do it. Here I want to share what I’m reading.

Jacob's bookshelf: read

The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us about Loving God and Learning from History
really liked it
I started reading this book for an accurate history of the pilgrims. What I found was that this book was rather about historiography and McKenzie used the Pilgrims as a case study. This was a pleasant surprise. Much of what we think we k…

Jayber Crow
it was amazing
It’s amazing how Wendell Berry can teach so much about the world through the life of a small town barber. The beautifully slow narrative and Berry’s sharp whit was exactly what I needed. My soul rested in the pages.

it was amazing
A masterpiece. Robinson fleshes out hope in this life by highlighting deferred dreams. As Jesus said, "Unless a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone."

The Golden Key
liked it
George MacDonald gets a 2 for the story but Ruth Sanderson gets a solid 5. Wow, she can surely draw. So, here this book sits at a 3.

Read to Grace (6), Annabelle (5), Jack (4), and Will (3).

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